Saturday, June 11, 2011

latest Finds under $3.00

Who doesn't L-0-V-E a GREAT DEAL or STEAL ? 
                         from my 2 Favorite places :)
                                       F21 & EBAY
                    L0VE earrings $1.50
                    0wl ring $1.50
                    Cupcake earrings $1.50
                    0wl earrings $2.80

                 0wl ring(left) $1.75 -ebay
                 0wl ring(right)$0.99 -ebay

               leopard print make brushes $1.99 -ebay

i just wanted to share w| you D0lls a few of the latest deals/steals on accessories that i've came across within the past few wks from my 2 favorite places f21& ebay. & for the make up brushes i don't know why when you click on the link the price says $51.99 lol cause i surely didn't and won't pay that for these brushes lol maybe its a type-o ??? who knows.. hope you enjoyy & feel freeeee to let me know what you think of the items & prices i paid :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Lately i've been having an obsession with ALL things that have an 0WL on it.. i have no idea why, but i think there cute.. some people my think there scary looking.. but i find something about them that i seem to like. i ordered the owl ring (2nd picture) from for 0NLY $1.75 &free shipping.. its suuuuuper cute in person. all the items pictured are also from EBAY. i just selected a few of my FAVES that i wanted to share w| my D0llS. hope youuu enjoy & have an owling niiiiiight :]

Saturday, June 4, 2011

0hh YES ! Leopard print T0MS .

0K! its been F0REVER & A DAY since i've posted anything on my blog :[ i need to step it up and try and make it a regular daily thing for meeeh.  n e WH00 i was browsing threw & completely fell HEAD 0VER HEELS for these
Leopard Women's Vegan Classics and
$54bucks for these is such a GREAT PRICE & of course with every pair you purchase, T0MS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. & how cool is that One for One.  the 3rd pair (brown leopard) are not on there website they we released last year(june/july'10) i believe and are so hard to find cause there sold out! i was LUCKY & found a pair on EBAY.. but it was double the price for them :[ i wanted them & had to HAVE. Just like i MUST HAVE THESE as well. Thanks for reading D0LLS & pleeeeease look out for more BLOG post.