Thursday, October 20, 2011

i get MESSY with ESSIE !

Essie New Year's Eve Metallics  2011

I'm obsessed! call me a polish-ohlic! lol I'm loving me some ESSIE NAIL POLISH these days. I've been gone for a while. i know! which makes it seems like forever. I miss blogging sharing my random-ness :) I'm a busy mother of  TWO kids now. So free time for me is nearly impossible. But back to what this post should be mainly about which is ESSIE NAIL POLISH. My sister shared with me this really great website thats sells EVERYTHING you need in a nail salon/shop for super cheap. Any who I came across popular nail polish brands for a great low price such as Essie, Orly, China Glaze, & much more which retails for around $8each. I cant wait to place an order! Which will be very soon. Cause im BEYOND in love with this collection. & you can NEVER so wrong with TOO much nail polish lol.

HERE is the link below for the website:

hope you ejoyed!

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